IP Support

Whether micro or macro, most successful design-led businesses will be underpinned by intangible assets or Intellectual Property. So whether it’s the name or brand under which you trade (trade mark), your invention (usually a patent), copyright or design right, the value must be protected so that growth opportunities are maximised. Trade secrets, too, play a key role in any organisation’s DNA so it is important to recognise these and ensure they are guarded with confidentiality. Having a basic understanding of the rights that protect your business is key and the UK Intellectual Property Office also has a very useful guide IP Basics

Education and Awareness - ACID has provided some of the most frequently asked questions in a regularly updated IP Doctor UK, USA and China series through its ongoing Educate to protect campaign. There are many misconceptions about IP so we have covered these too! Members can also send an email to our legal affiliates for help and advice. Otherwise, members may call our helpline on 0845 644 3617  or email help@acid.uk com and this is the number to call if you want to join us!
Protection - ACID always recommends registering your designs and trade marks whenever possible. It is much easier to take legal action if you have a registration either in the UK, EU or Internationally. However, if this is cost prohibitive, ACID’s Design Databank supports protection for unregistered designs and ACID Marketplace promotes and tracks, a valuable online safer trading platform for designers
Prevention - Create an IP strategy, ACID has created some guidelines here. ACID’s corporate members benefit from a free IP Strategy Review
Deterrence - If you don’t want people to copy you say so! The ACID logo has been developed as a brand of deterrence and ACID members are licensed to use it on their websites, marketing material and packaging
Support - ACID is supported by Legal Affiliates who give initial free advice and preferential rates to members, there have been 1,000’s of successful settlements on behalf of ACID members to date. We will soon be announcing a new Brand Protecion Service and IP Insurance. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is available through Mediate to Resolve service for dispute resolution is based on the organisation’s extensive experience handling mediations. A new IP small claims service is available for disputes under £10,000 through the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court
Campaigning - Through ACID Action ACID has campaigned vigorously for design law reform culminating in May of this year in criminal provisions for intentional registered design infringement being included in a new IP Act. The IP Act also includes other reforms such as the UK joining the Hague Agreement giving access to design protection in 62 countries with one single application.
ACID has just been officially confirmed as a PIPCU partner - The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is run by the City of London Police to combat IP criminality, with a special focus on offences committed online.​