Trade Mark and Patent Scams – Don’t be duped!

19.08.2014 (comments: 0)


Organisations passing themselves off as what appears to be the official national registration body, the IPO, under convincing names such as the Patent and Trade Mark Office and Trade Mark Organisation have been successfully sued by the UK Intellectual Property Office.  Aleksandrs Radcuks and Igor Villers have admitted the offence and paid the IPO an undisclosed, but substantial sum of money.

They will be bound by an order of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court forbidding them to commit further acts of passing off. If they continue to dupe people in this manner passing themselves off as the official national registration body, they could go to prison. Letters from scammers usually come with the description, “DON’T PAY UNNECESSARY COSTS”.
ACID has received emails and panic phone calls from members who have been confused by what appears to be an official request targeting applicants directly coming from an official body. When you are a lone, micro or small business this can cause so much stress and we are delighted that the IPO has pursued this matter. Receiving what looked like official renewal notices is yet another scam challenge for small businesses. If you do receive such letters in the future always email the ACID helpline and we can assist. Congratulations to the IPO in taking this action ACID has also been the victim several times by companies, especially emanating from China, who have tried to pass themselves off as our organisation. It is infuriating because not only can it mislead but it can damage legitimate reputations. 


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