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tl_files/2017/Sam Ryan YPIE Winner CP.jpgThis year’s Anti Copying in Design 2017 IP Essay “Why IP Matters to your Brand!” has been awarded to furniture designer and maker Sam Ryan of Sam Ryan Furniture.

Nick Kounoupias, ACID’s Chief Counsel & Furniture Makers’ Liveryman, Judging the award said, “Sam Ryan demonstrates a clear and solid understanding of why it is crucial for designers to protect their designs and how to do so. I hope these lessons are adopted by other aspiring designers to assist us to reduce and minimise the impact of design theft”.

On winning the ACID IP Essay Award, Sam Ryan commented, “I am delighted to win the ACID award. As a small and upcoming business, Intellectual Property is a key asset to the security of my future in protecting my bespoke furniture designs from infringement. IP protection will also allow for growth and development within my business.”

Each year young professionals (YPIE) within the furnishings industry join a unique, three week intensive programme where aspiring young people are given the opportunity to visit and understand all areas of the furniture industry, including materials, designing, manufacturing, pricing, marketing, sales, and customer service. Intellectual Property starts the event off and this year Anti Copying in Design’s legal affiliates generously gave their time to tutor this year’s enthusiastic group through a short introduction to intellectual property and why it is so necessary to be 'IP Savvy'.

Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID and Junior Warden of the Furniture Makers Company said, “We were absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm these industry professionals brought to the event and it became apparent that strong IP messages were going to be taken back to their companies as a result of the training day!”

Lisa Gould Sandall of Ercol Furniture wrote an excellent blog on behalf of the group on the day and her message was clear, Good housekeeping can go a long way to protecting intellectual property. Concept generation and development should be clearly signed and dated, and filed away as evidence. Registering designs on the ACID Copyright & Design Database is an additional way of proving date and ownership.”

Sponsored by The January Furniture Show, the programme is open to aspiring young professionals and graduates who are progressing well through early employment and have dreams of becoming future leaders of the industry. The intense three week experience is ideal for those candidates whose employers will sponsor them, although we also consider applications from those who are currently between jobs.

ACID & The Furniture Makers Company would like to take this opportunity to thank the following legal affiliates for their terrific contribution: Nick Kounoupias, ACID Chief Counsel & CEO of KounoupiasIP; Kelly Hudson, Senior Associate at McDaniel & Co; Tom Priem of Sipara; Jake Hayes, Briffa; Tony Pluckrose, Boult Wade Tennant; Philip Partington, Virtuoso Legal and Gavin Llewellyn, Stone King An introduction to Intellectual Property by Anti Copying in Design presentation can be seen here

Furniture Makers’ partners - The Young Professionals Industry Experience is a unique opportunity that only The Furniture Makers Company, through its extended membership, is able to provide. Each year they forge partnerships with both their corporate members and industry supporters to arrange insightful and informative visits, tours, and presentations for these young candidates. With partners small, medium and large, representing a broad cross section of our industry, the experience is the most comprehensive view of the industry our candidates are likely to ever see.

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