Do you want Justice for a Low Cost Intellectual Property (IP) Dispute?

29.07.2014 (comments: 0)

  • Are you a photographer whose photographs have been published on the internet without a licence?
  • Are you a designer whose unregistered design has been copied by someone to make goods which they sell in on-line marketplaces? 
  • Are you a composer whose composition has been uploaded to the internet as the soundtrack to a video clip?
  • Do you have any OTHER IP dispute worth less than £10,000? (except for patents,  registered designs and plant varieties)

Well if you do help is at hand with a Small Claims Track, a speedier and more cost effective process for resolving IP disputes involving copyright, trade mark and unregistered design rights. SMEs who believe their IP has been infringed can access an informal hearing by writing directly to the Judge and clearly recording all the facts of the case through a streamlined process.

Dids Macdonald, ACID’s CEO said, “Access will now be made clearer by the introduction of guidelines created by the Ministry of Justice. ACID campaigned for some time for the introduction of such a system (created in 2012) and with these guidelines it is hoped that there will be more awareness of access to a streamlined system for entrepreneurs to resolve IP disputes quickly and effectively. By lowering costs and reducing the barriers of access to justice for what is a continuing and challenging threat to designers in the UK, will be a benefit to SMEs”

Also take a look at ACID’s guide to the Small Claims Track

For issue and claim form enquiries telephone the court on 020 7947 7783 or email

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