Jacqueline Milton


tl_files/2017/J Milton - JM3small CP.jpgFind out how Jacqueline Milton utilises her ACID Membership Benefits to support her IP Rights!

When did you first start creating your products/designs? 

My design career began in the early 80’s working for Axminster Carpets in their studio. This was before many companies had CAD and all the patterns I produced were hand painted. I am proud that one of my designs gained a national award and is still available in today’s ranges.

Since those early days, I have specialised in surface pattern, gaining extensive experience designing for companies in the UK and overseas.

In 2010 I set up my current studio as an interior fabric designer and in 2016 I decided to take the plunge and develop my own fabric collection. It seemed a natural progression for the business.

Did you have any knowledge of intellectual property at that time? 

I have always understood the need to protect original design and so when I set up my current studio in 2010, joining ACID was one of my first jobs.

Which ACID Membership services have you used and how have you benefitted from being a member?tl_files/2017/J Milton - JM2small CP.jpg

I use the ACID Databank and the ACID logo on my website and promotions. The news and updates are also very useful; it’s important to know what’s going on out there. Working on my own I enjoy being part of an organisation that gives me a support network.

Have you brought anything new to the marketplace recently that you would like to share? 

I’m hugely excited to have just had my debut show in London for the launch of my new fabric collections.

There are nine designs offered in a selection of colour-ways, making a total of forty fabric choices. The collections have been designed to mix and match, making it easier to plan decorating schemes. I’m proud to say that my fabrics are designed in Dorset and printed in Lancashire onto linen blends which have been carefully sourced in the UK.

What is the best aspect of ACID Membership for your business?  

ACID membership gives me a level of protection from would be copyists. It lets the world know that I have an understanding of IP and that I take it seriously.

tl_files/2017/J Milton - JM1small CP.jpgWhat advice would you offer to a new designer?

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – be yourself. That way you will get something truly original.

Make sure you protect your IP when sharing it with potential buyers. There are simple steps you can take for example password protecting your portfolio page – serious buyers understand the need for this and they appreciate the fact that not everyone can see your work.




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