I am worried that by asking the company I am dealing with to sign agreements that they will refuse to deal with me or assume I think they are not trustworthy. Should I still insist they sign the documents?

Yes! The first sign of concern in such a relationship should be when the other party is not keen to have formal agreements in place. This should raise your suspicions immediately. After all, if they are a bona fide company who do not intend to rip you off, then there should be no problem with formalising the agreement. Remember that the agreements are also for their benefit. By having everything in writing it also allows them to conduct the relationship with clear boundaries. Furthermore, it should be of comfort to them that you take intellectual property rights seriously and wish to do things correctly.

Visit the ACID generic agreements in e-Sales for further explanations, help and advice.

Last update on 28.09.11 by the ACID Team.

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