I am starting a new business, is there anything I should have in place for trading with customers?

ACID offer the Standard Terms and Conditions template generic agreement. The template is a basic set of trading terms and conditions with additional clauses that can be added or taken out depending on the circumstances, but with emphasis on ensuring any intellectual property issues are covered. This will allow you to clearly set out to customers the terms upon which you do business. For example, how long will a customer have to pay for the goods or services? What happens if they do not pay? What is the procedure for returns? Are you to retain ownership and title until payment is made?

Without a set of written terms and conditions it can be difficult to know on what terms you are conducting business, which makes any disputes costly and time consuming to resolve. This way, by having a set of Terms and conditions, the terms are clearly set out. The generic agreement can also be amended to be tailored specifically towards your business needs.

Last update on 28.09.11 by the ACID Team.

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