How long does it take to obtain a trade mark and how long does it last for?

Typically, the process from filing the application to obtaining the registration takes between 6-9 months. However, once the registration is granted, the registered trade mark takes effect from the day the application was filed and not the date it was granted; hence the filing date is the relevant date. Sometimes, applications can take longer to process if any obstacles are hit along the way such as objections from the Intellectual Property Office or from third parties with similar marks.

The period of protection lasts for 10 years however, a trade mark registration can be renewed indefinitely in 10 year periods meaning the trade mark can theoretically have a perpetual existence. The Bass brewery red triangle mark is at present the oldest UK registered trade mark being registered since 1 January 1876.

Last update on 28.09.11 by the ACID Team.

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