How do you access free Initial Legal advice?

ACID Members may need legal advice on anything from the terms and conditions under which they run their business to a full-blown infringement incident.  Whatever your dealings are with a legal team, the advice you are given will be based on the information that you supply to them.  We advise that the following procedure is followed;

If only general advice is needed on a non-contentious issue then sometimes this can be dealt with by experienced staff at the ACID Membership Office.  If it is of a legal nature ACID staff will not attempt to deal with it as they are not trained lawyers and it will be recommended that you contact a Legal Affiliate team.

If you need legal advice:

  • log into the acid website and click on the ‘Legal Affiliates’ tab
  • when you enter the Legal Affiliate zone you will be able to choose an ACID Legal Affiliate team by location and the area of law for which you need advice
  • once you have selected your team you can either e-mail them, using the contact e-mail form, or telephone them directly, using the contact details on their profile.

We strongly recommend that you read the following information to understand what the procedure is before contacting a legal Affiliate team.

Once you have made contact, you will be asked for some information about your issue. If you have a copying issue, you can ask ACID for an Infringing Purchase Information Sheet (IPIS), or download a copy from the Members Area at This will help you to collate much of the information that a lawyer will need to assess whether copying has taken place.  This may include access to product images, production of samples etc.   You will be saving a considerable amount of your free initial time period if all the relevant information is available at the start.

Please be aware that when any client enters into a client relationship with a lawyer certain procedures and protocols will be followed.  These procedures are followed by all legal firms in the UK but can seem a little daunting if you are not used to supplying this type of information.  (Visit the Members Area for a document which explains what type of information you may be asked to produce).

Once your initial free time has expired YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR WORK CARRIED OUT BY A LEGAL AFFILIATE ON YOUR BEHALF.  ACID Members benefit from reduced fees with Legal Affiliates but do ensure that you are aware when you enter into chargeable time and what the fees are likely to be.  You need to take this responsibility on board if you enter into a client relationship as Legal Affiliates are independent from ACID and we cannot become involved in any disputes.

And finally, please remember that not all lawyers offer free initial advice and that this is a very valuable benefit.  Please make the most of this time, but do not abuse it or expect miracles to happen within the free time period if your situation needs far more in depth attention. To provide this initial service at no cost, most communication is done via e-mail and the telephone.  Do not expect to have a face to face meeting unless this is specifically requested and agreed.

Further information on Legal Affiliates is available here and information on charges can be viewed here