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The Shop Window for Designers and Design Buyers

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Since launching ACID Marketplace many have taken up our invitation to receive 3 FREE DESIGN UPLOADS, there’s still time to promote your Company live on Marketplace. Call us or e-mail and we will be happy to help!

Log in using your e-mail address and Membership ID number to start uploading your designs. You can choose to store your designs and keep them hidden or to market them to design buyers using the 3 FREE Spaces that we have given to all ACID members.

As Marketplace expands and is populated with your designs it will be THE safer online shop window for designers and design buyers to establish successful business relationships.

Learn how to submit your designs here


ACID is a leading source of IP news, events and opinion pieces for the creative industries and design buyers. ACID members receive member-only news in addition to the public news and events which can also be viewed by non-members. ACID reaches out to its member community via events and proactive social media together with showcasing new and emerging talent.

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ACID is a membership organisation which provides specialist help and advice through its Legal Affiliates, on Intellectual Property (IP) and champions IP awareness and education. Recently launched ACID Marketplace is the UK’s first online design exchange - creating a safer trading environment for its members is an ACID priority.

Creative skill, raw talent, innovation and IP knowledge are necessary to bring new designs to market successfully. Used positively by designers and manufacturers, the valuable ACID brand/logo informs the buyer of the value of originality, bringing benefits to both designer and design buyer.

Over the last two decades, ACID has championed design and spearheaded campaigns to bring design and IP issues to the fore. Design and IP reform is now one of Government’s top 10 recommendations and a new IP Bill will introduce criminal provisions for deliberate registered design infringement.

As a consumer, are you unsure of accessing digital services legally? Take a peek at The Content Map to an e-book or film to download, a music album or video game to stream, catch-up on TV, or where to watch popular sporting events, The Content Map will help you access legal content online. 

“ACID Marketplace , What a good idea, we would love to be involved.”  

Rebecca Moyster, Owner of Bonbon Balloons, ACID Member

“Here is another outstanding, leading initiative from ACID which promises to provide designers with unique and essential support in both protecting and commercialising their designs. I fully anticipate that ACID Marketplace will become an effective trading platform, with the accompanying Buyer’s Charter building all-important trust and confidence. This is a brand in the making.”

John Noble, British Brands Group, ACID Ambassador

“As a company who strives to bring original and exclusive British design to the global marketplace, we are delighted to support ACID MARKETPLACE. Not only does it secure evidence of the creator’s ownership, but expands the availability of intelligent ideas to the market and encourages greater access to suitable buyers. I hope the entire industry will support this important endeavour.”

Lee Broom, Designer, ACID Ambassador

I like the professional support that ACID offers me and my company EGAR. It is a continuous and comfortable feeling knowing such a brilliant organisation is on hand to help me with any copyright issues every step of the way!

Sue Scott-Horne, ACID Member

Being involved with an ACID Accredited Exhibition gives us confidence and I know that any alleged copying issues will be dealt with on site at the exhibition. It is in the exhibition organiser’s interest to protect the IP of design led exhibitors.

Black+Blum, Black+Blum

We were able to purchase a generic, reusable IP Assignment Agreement and, together with some further advice from ACID Accredited Law Firm McDaniel & Co, this is now part of our standard re-usable menu agreements.”

Emma Holmes, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bentley UK

Distinctive design is the source of competitive edge and crucial to business success. It is essential to protect that distinctiveness and ACID fights effectively and tirelessly to do just this. It is the leading organisation in design protection.”

John Noble, British Brands Group

Original design is vital for so many businesses to remain competitive in today's business environment. But what is equally important is for those designs to be properly protected.  ACID (Anti-Copying in Design)'s work in this area is crucial and we wholeheartedly support the tireless work that ACID does to support this extremely important sector of the UK's economy

Dr Frederick Mostert, Chief Legal Counsel, Richemont

The UK’s outstanding design strengths help to underpin performance across the sectoral waterfront. The valuable work that Anti Copying in Design (ACID) does in communicating the role of design protection is key to making sure that UK businesses can seize the full value of their investment in innovation and build economic growth.

Rosa Wilkinson, Director of Innovation, UK-IPO
“We’re also proud to announce our official support for ACID (Anti Copying in Design) in its Commission It, Don’t Copy It campaign, which entreats UK retailers and manufacturers to proactively support original design and pay a royalty for each product sold. Britain has such a magnificent reputation for creativity, and I’d like to be proud of what this country stands for, not ashamed. Wouldn’t you? After all, in the inimitable words of ‘Moby Dick’ author Herman Melville, ‘It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”
Editor in Chief, Michelle Ogundehin, Elle Decoration

Once I had created the look of my product, Ewgeco, I was looking to protect it quickly and effectively. ACID was my solution, cost effective and simple with a strong reassurance – just whas you need when starting out in business.

Tanya Ewing, Inventor of the Year 2008, Ewgeco

Since its very beginning ACID has taken an active role in raising awareness of the damage caused to the design industry by fake copies. I congratulate Dids Macdonald and her team on the improvements they have stimulated in this area.

Baroness Morgan, Former Minister of Intellectual Property

A culture that values and respects intellectual property is one where ideas flourish and their progenitors are fairly rewarded. We need bodies like ACID to create, maintain and police that culture.

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

“The design sector is a really important part of the UK's creative economy - with nearly £16 billion invested in designs each year. ACID has shown real initiative in taking this bold step to develop the ACID Marketplace. This will now mean that people are going to better understand the value of designs, and it will also help our world class designers to market and sell their innovative creations.”  

Lord Younger, Minister for Intellectual Property

I started using the Design Databank for my new collection and it's been good to drop into conversations with those that may think about stealing my designs that they have been sent to ACID.

Kelly Scully, Tantrums and Tiaras

ACID Marketplace “Staying ahead of the market and having new designs to offer is as important for the retailer as it is for us suppliers. If we can give our stockist the edge by enabling them to view upcoming designs without compromising our own position, what’s not to like..?!” 

Angus Gardner, Managing Director, Caroline Gardner Publishing Ltd
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