All ACID members are given 10 FREE marketing spaces on ACID Marketplace.

You will be able to upload up to 12 image files where you can safely promote and market your products and designs.

Any images that are live on ACID Marketplace are tracked and listed. This information is available by clicking on your completed Marketplace submission in 'My Designs' tab.

Please note that making a submission to the Copyright & Design Databank or ACID Marketplace is not the same as registering designs at the UKIPO or OHIM.

If you wish to display more designs you can add to your 10 FREE exhibitions spaces by purchasing an Annual Marketplace Space subscription through your profile page.

If, either, your ACID Membership subscription or your Marketplace space subscription lapses you will lose access to your profile/designs. You will receive renewal notices by e-mail so please ensure that your contact details are kepts up to date.

How To Promote Your Designs

  1. Log in to your profile using the details that were sent to you previously by e-mail. If you cannot remember these please contact the office and we can reset them for you!
  2. When you are in your profile click on ‘My Designs’ and you will go through to a page titled ‘ACID Design Databank – How To Submit Your Designs’. Scroll down until you come to ‘DESIGNS IN MARKETPLACE’, this is where you can view/edit designs that you are currently promoting in ACID Marketplace.

  3. Click on ‘Empty Marketplace Exhibition Space’. This will take you through to a page where you need to complete the tick boxes before you are able to continue.

  4. Please note that as soon as you begin uploading images and adding information it will automatically become LIVE on ACID Marketplace.

  5. To begin promoting your designs follow the on-screen instructions!

  6. Firstly, you will need to click on the ‘Edit’ button and supply the following information:

    • Title for your Marketplace submission

    • Select the industry category e.g. Jewellery, Furniture etc. This is important as this will list your designs under the specified category for visitors to Marketplace.

    • Enter a brief description of the design or product.

    • Click ‘save’ and you will be directed to upload the image you want from your computer

  7. Secondly, Click the ‘Upload an Image’ button and you can now search on your computer for the correct image file to upload. The preview image will be the first image that visitors to the Marketplace see.

  8. Thirdly, Click on ‘Upload a new image’ here you can upload up to 12 image files. Please note that all these files will be visible on the Marketplace

  9. Should you wish to view/edit/delete your Exhibition space, go back to your ‘My Designs’ tab and click on the relevant image under DESIGNS IN MARKETPLACE. Here you will also be able to view who has looked at your designs.

    ACID recommends that all images uploaded to Marketplace are first stored in the ACID Copyright & Design Databank where they will be date and time stamped and locked.

    If you have any further questions please view our FAQs or contact the office directly.

    Tel: +44 (0)845 644 3617