IP “Educate to Protect” ACID group membership scheme

To help the designers of tomorrow become IP prepared today – either as sole practitioners or as informed members of a design team.

This educational group membership initiative provides design faculty students with the appropriate IP tools to ensure that once graduated, they can go to market with confidence and exploit their IP equity by building safe commercial relationships with their clients.

ACID has been concerned at the number of graduates that lack IP knowledge and believe that thousands of student and graduate designers will be better prepared for the commercial world by taking advantage of the multiple benefits of being an ACID member.

ACID was commended in the Gowers Report on Intellectual Property as one of only three private sector organisations which created initiatives to help raise public and industry IP awareness – ACID’s Educate to Protect strategy, which includes this membership scheme, was highlighted in this context.

If you are interested in discussing the Educate to Protect initiative for your institution please contact us for further information.

"I agree that design is complex, however, the UK is required by directive to retain a registered design competency as well as the registered community design. I believe that (IP) education for designers is vital which is why I commend initiatives such as ACID’s Educate to Protect campaign." Andrew Gowers, The Gowers Report on Intellectual Property