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One of ACID’s key objectives is to work alongside and support like-minded organisations who also have an interest in intellectual property issues.

APDIG ( The All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group )

tl_files/2015/Logo - APDIG (Web)150.jpgThe All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group is a cross-party coalition of Parliamentarians and design sector organisations that works to develop new design policy ideas, critique existing government decision-making around design, communicate within Parliament the enormous potential value of design, and help the design community better engage with the policy process. APDIG Homepage

The Alliance for Intellectual Property

Established in 1998, the Alliance for Intellectual Property (IP) is a UK-based coalition of 24 associations and enforcement organisations with an interest in ensuring intellectual property rights receive the protection they need and deserve. With a combined turnover of over £250 billion, our members include representatives of the audiovisual, music, video games and business software, and sports industries, branded manufactured goods, publishers, authors, retailers and designers.

The Alliance is concerned with ensuring intellectual property rights are valued in the UK and that a robust, efficient legislative and regulatory regime exists, which enables these rights to be properly protected.  Their Members work closely with trading standards and local police forces to reduce the harm caused by intellectual property crime in local communities and ensure legitimate businesses and traders are able to operate fairly. 

They also work closely with the UK Intellectual Property Office to raise awareness of the harm caused by IP theft across government.  They are also participants in the IP Crime Group, which facilitates cross departmental dialogue and joint working amongst the relevant enforcement bodies and organisations.

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tl_files/2014/City-of-London-police.jpgThe City of London Police and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which is within the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, have established the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU).

The IPO is providing the City of London Police, which is the national police service lead for fraud, with £2.56 million in funding over two years to run what is an operationally independent law enforcement unit dedicated to tackling serious and organised intellectual property crime (counterfeit and piracy) affecting physical and digital goods (with the exception of pharmaceutical goods).

PIPCU’s focus will be on offences committed using an online platform.

The unit launched on September 12 with a 19 strong-team, consisting of detectives, analysts and researchers, based at the force’s Economic Crime Directorate in the City of London. Here it is drawing on the expertise and experience already in place that is leading the national law enforcement response to economic crime and running independently funded police units tackling insurance fraud, corruption and bribery and card payment fraud.​​​​


tl_files/2016/CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK WEB.jpgClerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, making it truly one of the most important design hubs in the world. To celebrate this rich and diverse community, Clerkenwell Design Week has created a showcase of leading UK and international brands and companies presented in a series of showroom events,  exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area.

Celebrating its 7th year in May 2016 (24-26) the award-winning* CDW has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading independent design festival and annually attracts the international design community to this small area of London for three days of exciting events. In 2015, the design community flocked to Clerkenwell with 35,414 attendees and over 300 exhibiting brands.

Intellectual Property Awareness Network

The Network was formed in 1993 as an informal group bringing together the separate IP awareness activities and concerns of a wide range of professional, educational and business organisations.  Since then over forty organisations have become members and the UK Intellectual Property Office has observer status.   The representatives are mainly officers from the member organisations rather than IP law specialists.

IPAN's activities include:

  • exchanging information and discussing views between members on topical IP issues with the aim of improving overall understanding
  • producing short briefing documents (IP briefs) about topical IP issues to provide a balanced introduction to the subject - these have been used with parliamentarians and form a core part of our unique web materials
  • identifying and reviewing useful external IP awareness materials for promotion through the website
  • taking part in specific IP awareness events such as informal IP briefing sessions with groups of parliamentarians and also with business analysts.

IPAN is not a lobbying organisation for any particular view on an IP issue but seeks to provide balanced, evidence based statements to improve general understanding of important IP issues.  

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Furniture Makers Company

The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers is a Livery Company of the City of London for the British furniture industry. It encourages the highest standards and best practice in the design, making, marketing and selling of every kind of furniture throughout the UK.  The welfare arm of the charity looks after needy members of the industry by offering many training opportunities for younger people and recognising excellence by the award of its Guild Marks. By providing grants and annuities to deserving furniture people to the extent that funds allow.

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The British Furniture Confederation

The British Furniture Confederation acts a single voice for the UK furniture, furnishing and bed industries and has a mission to ensure that it has a strong and sustainable dialogue with Government in order to understand and influence changes in the market. Its executive comprises the heads of the industry's leading associations (BCFA, BFM, FIRA and NBF 1) and it also works closely, through their associate memberships, with ACID, IDA, Proskills, BPF, AMUSF and WCFM2.

One of the key ways in which the BFC will achieve these goals will be through its liaison with the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group (APPFG). This consists of MPs and members of the House of Lords with an interest in the industry. Through regular meetings with the APPFG it can support and inform politicians of all parties. It also acts as the industry's mouthpiece, monitoring and commenting on government activities and initiatives and providing industry feedback on relevant consultations. As a body representing the industry as a whole our strength is in numbers and our voice will more likely be heard than if we were working independently.

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The British Institute of Interior Design

The British Institute of Interior Design

The British Institute of Interior Design is the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK. It is committed to encouraging and supporting creativity and competence in the field of interior design through facilitating best practice, practical professional support, development opportunities and education.

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OHIM (the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market)


The European Design Registration Centre has full membership of ACID. By joining ACID, OHIM (which includes the 27 member European states) has acknowledged ACID’s work – a clear reflection of ACID’s profile within the UK and European community.

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Associate Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group

Associate Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group

APDIG is the leading advocate for design and innovation in Parliament.  Their projects, activities and research bring together Parliamentairans, representatives from the design sector and innovation industries as well as academics, civil servants and policy makers.  They are a trusted source of information for Parliamentarians and industry members.

The APDIG’s mission is to promote exchange and understanding, to enable Parliamentarians to enhance their knowledge of the issues and priorities for the design and innovation sectors, and to allow these sectors to communicate their value for both British business and the public sector.

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The British Design Innovation

The British Design Innovation

British Design Innovation is a not for profit membership organisation comprising strategically-led design and innovation consultants, university innovation teams, in-house design and innovation teams, art & design faculties and their graduates. The BDI mission is to foster collaboration between members and create an environment to deliver innovation. British Design Innovation

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The Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts

The Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts

The Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts offers free one-to-one business advice sessions to London-based creative practitioners who are working freelance, starting or running their own business. The website has useful factsheets; email links to financial, legal and funding experts; over 400 links to support networks and organisations; and lists creative industry events.

Visit the Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts Website

The Design Trust

The Design Trust helps professional designers & craftspeople to create and run better businesses - for themselves, their families and communities, and the world. They create, recommend and promote awide range of practical & expert business development information, training, books, products & tools for starting and more established designers and craftspeople across the world.

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Own-it provides free advice, resources and events on intellectual property including copyright, design rights, trade marks, patents and licenses.

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Licensingpages is the global business-to-business resource for those involved, or wanting to be involved, with brands and licensing. As well as giving insight and direction on all aspects of brands & licensing, Licensingpages helps artists and designers inexpensively showcase their characters, properties and designs to licensing agents and manufacturers. Artists & designers displaying their work in Licensingpages ‘Art Gallery’ are entitled to a 10% discount on ACID membership.

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Design Council

Design Council

The Design Council’s purpose is to ‘inspire and enable the best use of design by the UK, in the world context, to improve prosperity and well-being.’ It helps people and organisations in business, education, public services and government understand design and use it effectively as part of their strategy.

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The Garden Industry Manufacturers Association (GIMA)

The Garden Industry Manufacturers Association (GIMA)

Promotes the interests of all suppliers of ‘hard’ goods to the UK garden market, and its members’ combined sales at retail level exceed £1.5 billion. The association provides business support, information and advice, training, meetings with key speakers and customers, and runs the GIMA Awards annually to promote innovation in new products and marketing ideas.

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tl_files/2014/DACS Marque 72dpi.jpgDACS
Established by artists for artists, DACS is a not-for-profit organisation for visual artists’ rights management. Passionate about transforming the financial landscape for visual artists through innovative new products and services, DACS acts as a trusted broker for 80,000 artists and artist estates worldwide.

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The Furniture Ombudsman

The Furniture Ombudsman

The independent standards body for furniture (including floor coverings, kitchens and bathrooms). The Furniture Ombudsman provides a dispute resolution service and can perform on-site inspections of products. Full details of their service, including a list of current members is available from The Furniture Ombudsman website.

Visit the Furniture Ombudsman Website

APID, Association of Professional Designers

APID, Association of Professional Designers

APID, The Association of Professional Interior Designers, was formed to be the apex body for the interior designer fraternity in the Middle East comprising of designers, design companies, suppliers, educators and students, all committed or related to this profession. Based in Dubai, UAE, it aims to have chapters in all the GCC and Middle Eastern countries.

Its aims and objectives are:

  1. To promote the highest professional ideals of interior design to governmental bodies, industry and membership
  2. To monitor standards of design and professional practice of membership
  3. To be recognized as the authoritative body in all matters concerning professional interior design and practice within the Middle East
  4. To be considered as a necessary constituent party in the education of interior designers by involvement in training and assessments
  5. To be consulted as an authoritative body by other related professionals and to readily provide guidance and assistance as may be required to both membership and industry.
  6. To stand equally alongside other representative societies and institutions and to participate fully in worldwide events, debates and issues relating to professional interior design practice and interior design standards.

Visit the Association of Professional Designers Website

British Library Business and IP Centre

British Library Business and IP Centre

The British Library Business & IP Centre is designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing a business. The Centre offers free access to the UK’s most comprehensive collection of business and intellectual property information, including around 50 million patent specifications, unique databases on trade marks and registered designs, thousands of market research reports, company reports, trade journals, business directories and guides to legal information and government publications.  British Library information experts are on hand to guide you to the resources. There is also a programme of workshops and events run by British Library experts and partners.  Since opening in March 2006 we have welcomed over 34,000 people through the doors and, together with partners and have delivered more than 2,000 business advice sessions.

The Centre is free to use – all you need is a Reader Pass

Visit the British Library Business & IP Centre website

Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts supports and promotes the work of artists, designer-makers and product designers through all stages of their business development – from first beginnings through to international commercial success. It is the largest creative business incubator for designer-makers in the UK, housing a total of 165 creative practitioners working in a number of disciplines including fashion, jewellery and interior products, at its two London premises in Holborn, WC1 and Deptford, SE8.

Those interested in studio spaces at Cockpit Arts, participating in our courses or finding out more can visit the Cockpit Arts Centre Website

The Guild of Jewellery Designers

The Guild of Jewellery Designers

The Guild of Jewellery Designers is a collaboration of British jewellery designer artisans ranging from part time enthusiasts to dedicated full time professionals offering support and networking.

As an organisation we want to create as many opportunities as possible for you to share, enjoy and learn about all aspects of jewellery making. Our aim is also to help promote UK jewellery designers and to offer our members substantial discounts for products and services ranging from tools to insurance and website building from participating supplier partners.

The website is the central hub of the guild where you can share your jewellery making techniques, hints and tips in the form of article tutorials or videos, source suppliers, and sell your products through our future online shop.

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