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Three D Printing Explained

tl_files/2015/simon sellars web.jpgThe technology behind 3D printing was originally developed in the 1980s.  In fact, some of the core parts of the know-how are now coming off patent, 20 years after it was first made public.  The technology was originally known as additive manufacturing, before a more public-friendly name was coined.

As patents expire, more and more parts of the technology become free for others to use without having to pay royalties, leading to the crash in prices of 3D printers and making them more accessible to home hobbyists. 

The intersection between affordable 3D printers and faster broadband speeds (for sharing copies of files used to create the printed items) has led to an explosion in the popularity of 3D printing.  The market will eventually dictate whether 3D printers remains a hobbyist fad, or become a domestic necessity alongside microwaves and DVD players, but the creative industries need to at least be aware of the risks and opportunities presented by the technology.  Don’t be left behind!

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Man arrested for illegally uploading ultimate fighting and wrestling content

tl_files/2015/wrestling ring.jpgA man believed to be one of the internet’s biggest illegal uploaders of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) content has been arrested by detectives from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU).

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Design, Brands and Trade Marks earn their place at the top IP table!

tl_files/2014/Fotolia_26572505_L.jpgIn a speech last week at the ITMA (Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys) IP conference, the IP Minister, Baroness Neville Rolfe highlighted the importance of working together to help businesses recognise and capitalise on the economic benefits of their IP and brands.

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A Manifesto for Design


Design thinking in Government, strategic thinking in how to integrate design with digital and new technology and increasing design capacity are the themes highlighted in the report below. Lord Rogers, Baroness Janet Whitaker, Caroline Dineage, MP and Barry Shearman, MP all agree that the incorporation of design into product development, economic policy and the process of policymaking itself ought to be a fundamental tenet of delivering both effective public services and a prosperous future.

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PIPCU shuts down illegal music site

Detectives from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) shut down an illegal UK karaoke website ( on the 11th March 2015 following a referral from PRS for Music, a membership organisation that represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK.

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Increases of up to 600% in Court Fees Announced

tl_files/2014/Houses-of-Parliament.jpgThe Government has announced that from 9th March 2015 it will go ahead with its proposal to introduce percentage issue fees for money claims over £10,000, calculated as 5% of the value of the claim, subject to a cap of £10,000. Previously the Issue fees used to range up to £1,920 for claims of more than £300,000.

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IP Finance Toolkit now available for SME's

tl_files/2015/business web.jpgFollowing research which indicated the difficulties facing IP rich SMEs in finding funding to achieve growth through their intellectual property assets, the IPO undertook research to better understand the issues. 

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Calling all UK Businesses operating in China! Bad Faith Trade Mark Applications

tl_files/2015/hammer trademark r web.jpgIn October 2014 ACID created an IP China Group to create a conduit for information sharing, building a strong and ongoing dialogue to share grass roots challenges and influence positive design and IP reform. We held our first event last year to establish a direct relationship with Tom Duke, IP Attaché in Beijing and Neil Feinson, the Director of International Policy and his team.

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Design Protection : More cost effective Design Protection through The Hague System

tl_files/2015/WIPOHQ01.jpgUS and Japan now, UK and China to follow!

No longer the “Cinderella” of IP rights, design is now getting a broader level of recognition, but more importantly, international protection, with major countries signing the Hague Agreement.  Along with most of the EU, the latest countries to join the Hague Agreement on May 13 2015 are US and Japan. In all, 64 countries will be signatories and, therefore, there is now a critical mass of IP cooperation regarding designs.

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Unlicensed Replicas to continue to be available in the UK for further 5 years!

tl_files/2015/Bombostool web.jpg

In an announcement on 18th February 2015, the Government have put their full weight behind the longest possible transitional period for UK businesses allowing them to continue to trade selling unlicensed replicas of artistic and iconic designs. The Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act (ERRA) was passed in 2013 & the transitional period is set until October 2020 which will allow the UK to be a haven for EU purchasers who otherwise would not be able to purchase these products. 

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