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Calling all UK Businesses operating in China! Bad Faith Trade Mark Applications

tl_files/2015/hammer trademark r web.jpgIn October 2014 ACID created an IP China Group to create a conduit for information sharing, building a strong and ongoing dialogue to share grass roots challenges and influence positive design and IP reform. We held our first event last year to establish a direct relationship with Tom Duke, IP Attaché in Beijing and Neil Feinson, the Director of International Policy and his team.

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Design Protection : More cost effective Design Protection through The Hague System

tl_files/2015/WIPOHQ01.jpgUS and Japan now, UK and China to follow!

No longer the “Cinderella” of IP rights, design is now getting a broader level of recognition, but more importantly, international protection, with major countries signing the Hague Agreement.  Along with most of the EU, the latest countries to join the Hague Agreement on May 13 2015 are US and Japan. In all, 64 countries will be signatories and, therefore, there is now a critical mass of IP cooperation regarding designs.

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Unlicensed Replicas to continue to be available in the UK for further 5 years!

tl_files/2015/Bombostool web.jpg

In an announcement on 18th February 2015, the Government have put their full weight behind the longest possible transitional period for UK businesses allowing them to continue to trade selling unlicensed replicas of artistic and iconic designs. The Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act (ERRA) was passed in 2013 & the transitional period is set until October 2020 which will allow the UK to be a haven for EU purchasers who otherwise would not be able to purchase these products. 

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PIPCU suspends more than 2,000 illegal websites since New Year

tl_files/2015/computer-mask-jpeg-web.jpgThe Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has suspended more than 2,000 websites selling fake luxury goods since the New Year.

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Three arrested on suspicion of making six figure sum selling fake Justin Bieber and One Direction hoodies and t-shirts

tl_files/2015/print web.jpg

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), which is part of the City of London Police, has dismantled a suspected crime network believed to have been running a mini counterfeiting factory producing and selling clothing carrying the names and logos of famous musicians. The early morning operation resulted in the arrest of a man and a woman at their east London home and a second man at the factory where the discovery of machinery, printing gear, ink and thousands of t-shirts was made.

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What's In A Rose?

tl_files/2015/Taylors Logo RGB.jpgIn a recent settlement, ACID Affiliate Lawyers, Taylors Solicitors, have negotiated a rapid result on behalf of Clarke & Clarke in a copyright infringement challenge against Oddie’s Textiles, who also paid compensation in respect of sales together with 100% of its legal costs. The dispute concerned two rose design fabrics.  When Clarke & Clarke discovered the infringement, they instructed Taylors to write a letter before action which also resulted in Oddie’s giving undertakings not to manufacture, import, offer for sale or sell copies of the Clarke & Clarke designs in the future.


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Dotting The “i” In The ACID Brand Of Deterrence

tl_files/2015/insurance-logocp..jpgIn today’s climate of increasing design infringement what better protection to have in your IP Toolkit than intellectual property insurance, the ultimate deterrent to protect designs from theft? Exclusive to ACID members, the ACID IP Insured scheme has a strong accompanying logo for insured parties to use to deter copying and provide real support, a must-have in any proactive IP strategy.


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Topshop's sale of Rihanna t-shirt was unlawful, agrees the Court of Appeal

tl_files/2015/rihanna topshop.jpgThe Court of Appeal has today handed down its judgment in Robyn Rihanna Fenty & Ots v Arcadia Group Brands Ltd & Anr ("Topshop"), concerning Topshop's sale of a t-shirt bearing Rihanna's image without her permission. The Court of Appeal dismissed Topshop's appeal, finding that its sale of the t-shirt amounted to passing off.

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Creative Industries- Record Growth Statistics Announced Today

tl_files/2014/creative industries 150.jpgCreative Industries reach record high - now worth £8.8 million an hour to UK economy. Design plays a crucial role in these statistics with growth of almost ten per cent in 2013, three times that of wider UK economy. The CI accounted for 1.7 million jobs in 2013, 5.6 per cent of UK jobs. 2015 is set to be another bumper year for UK creative output

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Intellectual Property Minister starts 2015 with an IP Pledge

tl_files/2014/baroness neville rolfe.jpg

This week, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, the Minister for Intellectual Property, gave a speech at the intellectual property annual seminar mentor dinner in London. The Minister set out what she felt was the most significant challenge for 2015, ‘strengthening the UK IP framework to maximise support for business innovation and help drive growth’. She also confirmed that there will be an increasing concentration both in Europe and internationally. 

In her introduction, Baroness Neville Rolfe spoke about how intellectual property is becoming increasingly important in the UK, adding that this will become even more distinct in the future, due to digital and technology advancements.  During the speech, she quoted a statistic from Border Force, which claims that IP crime costs the UK economy around £1.3bn a year.


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