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tl_files/2016/Legal Affiliate Logo Compressed.jpgACID is delighted to introduce the current extended group of ACID Legal Affiliate teams who all particularly specialise in Intellectual Property law alongside their Corporate and Family Law divisions.
ACID Members can directly search for and contact a Legal Affiliate by logging into their member profile and searching on the ACID Affiliates tab. ACID Members can search on area of expertise or location or a combination of both to find a team that will offer initial free advice.

0 08.06.2016

Intellectual Property Challenges: Threatening Behaviour

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One of the more controversial aspects of intellectual property (IP) legislation is the availability of an action for ‘unjustified threats’, i.e. a claim that can be brought against the person alleging infringement of patent, trade mark or design rights.

This area has recently been addressed in the Queen’s Speech, in the form of the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill.  The main proposals in the Bill are to iron out the differences between the threats position applicable to patents and other forms of intellectual property right but also to clarify the definition of a “threat” and to remove the sanction against professional advisors.

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0 01.05.2016


tl_files/2016/Legal Affiliate Logo Compressed.jpgAnti Copying in Design ACID is proud to welcome London based Briffa to our panel of ACID legal Affiliates. ACID’s legal affiliates work with many micro and SME companies within the creative industries to help them understand IP so that they can protect their designs from idea to marketplace. Often designs are infringed and it is very difficult and expensive to take legal action. So ACID has recruited some of the best IP law firms to support them by offering them initial free legal advice if they are copied and, just as importantly they provide ongoing specialist help through a dedicated help line. Together with tips, guides, support at exhibitions and interesting articles they provide a much needed lifeline to creative entrepreneurs.

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0 05.03.2016


tl_files/2016/Photo 3 300.jpgDespite not acknowledging infringement, Baumhaus Imports have paid (ACID) member Bluebone £15,000 over a lookalike challenge. When Bluebone discovered competitor Baumhaus was importing a furniture range known as “Urban Chic” which looked virtually identical to its “Titanic” range of furniture, they decided to act decisively. After lengthy legal exchanges a settlement was reached avoiding the need for Court proceedings. Baumhaus claim only to have made only a small profit on sales of their Urban Chic range and have agreed to stop manufacturing or importing Urban Chic and to pay £15,000 compensation to Bluebone for its UK sales.  Baumhaus said the settlement would wipe out its profits on the Urban Chic range.

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ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS - Alice Tams acts to protect artwork in Christmas copyright battle

tl_files/2015/alice tams 200.jpgL: Alice Tams Original

Anti Copying in Design (ACID) member Alice Tams, an illustrator who trades under the name “Birds In Hats”, is the creator of a popular series of illustrations of birds wearing a variety of hats.  She produced a calendar for 2013 featuring a different bird wearing a different hat each month.  December 2013 featured a particularly distinctive penguin wearing a Christmas jumper (also designed by Alice) and a cracker hat, which Alice had previously used as a Christmas card design.  In December 2014, Alice was alerted by several friend and family members to a jumper on sale in Sainsbury’s supermarkets under their “TU” range featuring a penguin in a cracker hat and Christmas jumper.  They all thought that Alice had licensed her penguin design to Sainsbury’s because it looked identical to Alice’s design. 

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0 15.01.2016

MIP International Women's Leadership Forum 2016

ACID Members with in-house counsel and IP counsel and ACID Legal Affiliate firms are invited by Managing Intellectual Property to attend the MIP International Women’s Leadership Forum, taking place on February 23 in London at the Hilton London Bankside Hotel. Members are invited to join over 200 women peers to discuss the latest issues facing women working in law as well as topical issues within the intellectual property space.

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