ACID Copyright & Design Databank

tl_files/2016/Databank registered logocp (002).jpgThe ACID Copyright & Design Databank service offers ACID Members access to a Databank system where Members can lodge documents and images of their 2D or 3D designs if they are relying on  unregistered design rights (UDR)/copyright or as an added safeguard for registered designs, underpinned by the strong ACID brand of deterrence.

Each year approximately 25,000 designs are lodged on ACID's Copyright & Design Databank. This does not add to Unregistered Design Rights (UDR) but provides reliable 3rd party independent evidence of date of receipt by ACID i.e., an audit trail. Design files are held on our secure system and remain unseen by anyone unless required as evidence to substantiate design ownership. The majority of settlements on behalf of ACID members have been based on unregistered design rights. Enforcement of unregistered design right infringement is only as good as the evidence you can provide to substantiate ownership. Unregistered Design right only protects the shape or configuration of a 3D product. The IPO explains the differences between registered and unregistered design right further here

Providing third party evidence to support unregistered design rights through the ACID Databank has proved to be an essential part of ACID Members’ IP strategies.  From the original hard copy receipt of designs in the early 2000’s through disks, memory sticks and emails, ACID now has an amazing online upload system, accessible through the ACID website, which records and locks every file received with a unique identifying number.

DCI Peter Ratcliffe, Head of PIPCU: “PIPCU is delighted that ACID is working in partnership with the UK Government regarding their new Copyright and Design Databank. The ACID Databank is an excellent initiative which will help prevent IP crime and assist designers in protecting their work. We would like to add our full support to the initiative and we will continue to work closely with ACID in the fight against IP crime.”

Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister for Intellectual Property: “Design’s contribution to the UK economy cannot be underestimated and I welcome ACID’s latest innovative IP initiative.  Giving designers access to a design databank, which now includes copyright works, supports economic growth.  Certificates bearing the ACID Brand will add a strong deterrent message to would-be infringers.”

For further information on the new downloadable certificate, uniquely referenced with your file uploads, visit here



As an additional, separate option to the ACID Copyright & Design Databank, Marketplace has been developed as a safer online platform where design buyers can register online for free to view the latest designs created by ACID Members and forge new business relationships.  ACID Marketplace is supported by an enhanced tracking system developed from IP Tracker which tracks and lists all viewings of your public designs on your personal profile.

So remember, these are two individual but linked benefits.