ACID Marketplace is a safer trading environment, set up to encourage and promote innovation and provide access to a selection of the newest and best designs from ACID Members.  The ACID Design Buyer Charter provides a positive framework of values with the intention of providing the public with assurance of the integrity and conduct of design buyers. Design buyers who have registered to use ACID Marketplace not only support originality, innovation and great British design, but have agreed to comply with the spirit of the Principles of the ACID Design Buyer Charter. We invite newly registered design buyers to do the same.


Principles of the ACID Design Buyer Charter – Terms and Conditions

i)  By using ACID Marketplace, design buyers are proud to promote ethical standards of conduct within their organisation and their buying departments at all times, and communicate honest, fair dealing with the public and with the design business community, in line with other CSR priorities.

ii)  In their support of designers, design buyers agree, so far as is reasonably possible, that they, and those within their organisation, adhere to current Intellectual Property (IP) law and regulations regarding ownership and to the principle of IP respect for third parties within their CSR.

iii)  Design buyers will not deliberately, or knowingly reproduce, copy or share  the designs, products, name or trading style of another company or business, nor will they engage in any practice or activity which unfairly competes with another business or is detrimental to the goodwill or reputation of another company or business.

iv)   In the event that a dispute arises between two or more trade users of ACID Marketplace concerning the origin, ownership or integrity of one or more designs or products (and in the spirit of mediation and alternative dispute resolution), ACID provides a Mediation Scheme and we invite disputing parties to attend at least an initial session of no less than three hours in an attempt to resolve the dispute. This will not prevent those seeking urgent interim relief in appropriate circumstances. In such cases, ACID should be notified that such steps are taken. (In ACID’s extensive experience, it is good to talk! 70% of mediations have resulted in no further action and of the 30% remaining, most have been settled with a letter before action or agreed undertakings. Only a very few have reached a final court hearing).