Licensed to ACID Members Only

Make the most of your ACID Membership by ensuring you are using all the benefits.  You can call the ACID Team in the Membership Office +44(0)8456443617 and we will be happy to advise you on how to use each benefit to support your business.

  • ACID Logo – The ACID logo is the most important Membership benefit and you are licenced to use it with an Intellectual Property statement on all your emails, stationery, marketing materials, website and social media, product packaging etc.   Use the logo with a choice of intellectual property statements and learn how with a PowerPoint explanation of how you can make the most of your licence to use the Membership of ACID logo with a hyperlink to our website

  • ACID Copyright & Design Databank – Uploading your electronic designs and documents to our online Databank ensures you have third party dated evidence of their existence.  You also have the additional option to purchase an ACID upload certificate that contains unique information confirming the lodgement of your designs on our system - essential if you are relying on unregistered rights. To register 1 design with the IPO in the UK costs £50.00.  1 upload to our online system costs just £1.50.  Please click here for more information.

  • ACID Marketplace - promote your designs and products through our online marketplace and invite buyers to view your new products, safe in the assurance that all viewings of your images are tracked and recorded on your profile.  Always be aware of who is interested in your business.

  • Free Legal Advice – you are entitled to a free initial period of legal advice for every separate legal query you have during membership. With access to 8 specialist intellectual property legal teams, if you need advice you can log into your online profile and visit the Legal Affiliates tab. You can choose a team by location or specialty and contact them directly by phone or email.  With IP legal advice averaging £200 - £400+ per hour, this is a valuable service for contentious and non-contentious issues.

  • ACID Brand Enforcement Service - our latest benefit launched in 2017.  Find out how you can manage online infringements with effective website product takedown from major shopping sites.
  • ACID Campaigning - ACID has an impressive track record in campaigning for design law reform.  Take the opportunity to respond to surveys and give your opinion through case studies.  Your voice will be heard at Parliamentary level through our campaigning objectives.  If you would like to know more about our Brexit campaign click here.
  • Members' Only Area of the ACID website.  Access your own online profile when you join and use your personal log in and password to manage your company information online.  Visit the Members area to find information and practical tips on IP issues.  Shortly to be redesigned alongside our new website during 2017 with additional help and advice in a user-friendly format.

  • Shop Discount – as a member you receive a significant 25% discount on items in the ACID Shop including a large range of downloadable standard legal agreement templates for most business needs.  Costs are from £33.75 for a confidentiality agreement to £56.25 for a Licence/Royalty agreement - a great saving on bespoke agreements which can be £200+.

  • Regular e-bulletins, social media and quarterly printed newsletter delivered straight to your inbox and postbox – the latest news, views and advice on IP issues.  Let us promote your business through our media program - submit a Member Focus article for us to share and tell us when you launch a new product or win an award.

  • Membership Office - contact us directly for advice on IP design protection via email, phone +44(0)845 644 3617) or Contact Form.  Our team is here to offer general advice on any query and we will direct you for additional help if needed through the ACID Network.

  • ACID Renewal Pack – you will receive this in the post each year when you renew your membership containing your new ACID member certificate and literature to help you utilise your membership benefits