ACID Ambassadors

ACID is honoured to have influential Ambassadors representing our purpose and spreading goodwill.

Sebastian Conran

Sebastian Conran

“ACID’s continuing communication of the importance of vigilance against design theft coupled with its commitment to, and delivery of, education, protection and deterrence are initiatives I applaud and champion.”

Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud

“ACID has worked tirelessly to protect the intellectual property rights in original design and to vigorously represent the rights and interests of its members in the design community.”


Frederick Mostert

“It is easy to copy; difficult to create. That is why the intellectual products of creative minds are valued so highly and poached so consistently. It is vitally important that designs are afforded protection and I am very proud to be associated with ACID and to support them in their excellent work.”

John Noble, British Brands Group

John Noble

“Distinctive design is the source of competitive edge and crucial to business success. It is essential to protect that distinctiveness and ACID fights effectively and tirelessly to do just this. It is the leading organisation in design protection.”

Tanya Ewing, Inventor of the Year 2008, Ewgeco

Tanya Ewing

“Once I had created the look of my product, Ewgeco, I was looking to protect it quickly and effectively. ACID was my solution, cost effective and simple with a strong reassurance – just what you need when starting out in business. I am very proud to be an ambassador for such a proactive organisation.”

Jennifer Castoldi, Trendease International

Jennifer Castoldi

“Travelling to over 100 design events annually, it was quite natural to first learn about ACID at a trade show.  Since then it has been a pleasure to build a strategic alliance together over the years, and to see firsthand how ACID acts as a powerful support system, aiding innovative talent to bring novel creations to market safely and successfully." 

Lee Broom

Lee Broom

“There are many challenges facing designers today not least the cost, time and energy in fighting IP battles. The trouble is, good designers lead, others follow without rewarding the creator. I will be delighted to support ACID’s valuable work in raising awareness about the true value of British design and manufacturing in the UK.”

Rob Law

tl_files/2016/rob law new 100.jpgWe need basic design protection in the UK and ACID is campaigning tirelessly to enhance the rights for designers. I’m proud to offer my support as they continue to lobby to improve design law and help creative industries keep their competitive advantage. As a designer and entrepreneur, we all dream our designs will become commercially successful, once they are it’s a sad fact of life they get copied. ACID supports designers through what is often a traumatic time to inform and lobby for better rights.”