How does this benefit me and Design Buyers?

ACID Marketplace will become a major hub for interaction between Design Buyers and designers.  Buyers will know that they are sourcing original, supported designs and designers know that they have evidence of access to designs should they, unfortunately, be copied at a later date.  And we cover 25 different industries so we are not sector specific.  There is a great benefit to designers who do not manufacture end products also as they can market to manufacturers who wish to licence designs, or if you prefer, buy them outright.  You also receive your free initial legal advice from ACID Legal Affiliates and the chance to buy standard legal templates online, such as confidentiality, assignment of rights or licence/royalty agreements. For a one-off payment you can keep these on your computer and change names and details etc. every time you want to enter into a business arrangement.  You can also add the signed agreements to your hidden Marketplace documents.

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